Ayurvedic Medicated Steam

Medicated steam bath is so special and very effective to eliminate impurities from the body and it improves the tone of the body. It has the power to control certain diseases and the medicated steam bath is very system of Ayurveda and in olden times it was a treatment available only in palace where the local kings enjoyed and experienced. It’s a very effective Ayurveda medicinal datum and every year hundreds of foreigners are coming to Kerala to experience this very special Ayureda Medicated Steam Bath. Herbs and certain precious herbal leaves are the materials using for Medicated Steam Bath and it has everything that you prefer from a quality medicated Steam Bath and also it reduces fat in the body. 10 to 20 minutes is the time span to complete Medicated Steam Bath. The precious herbs and herbal leaves are boiled and passed over the whole body and this is the simple description of Medicated Steam Bath.

In this treatment, after a full body massage using lukewarm therapeutic oils, steam produced by the boiling of certain herbs and their leaves in water, is filled in a cavity in which the patient is kept. It induces perspiration and thus drains impurities, tones up the body, clears the skin and improves the blood circulation. It cures obesity, pains in the joints, problems of the respiratory system and rheumatic complaints.

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