Kati Vasti

Kati Vasti is one of the best treatments which helps relieve pain in uncomplicated back pain. The medicaments used for Kati Vasti are in the form of herbal processed medicated oils. Different oils are used and preffered by many physicians as per the condition. The oils generally used are as mentioned below……

*Bala Ashwagandhadi Tailam/Kuzhambu: When pain is associated with weakness, debility and muscle wasting.

*Ashwagandha bala lakshadi tailam: Same as in the above said, also in associated bony pains.

*Dhanwantaram Tailam/Kuzhambu: Strengthens hip and back; relieves pain and stiffness.

*Maha masha tailam: Strengthens spine, muscles and relieves pain.used in spondylosis and spondylitis.

There are absolutely no side effects of the treatment. There is no hard massage to be done in this procedure so it can be even given to heart patients or diabetic patients. The only precaution is to take care of the fact that how much heat a patient can tolerate so as not to make any burns or blisters to the skin of the patient.

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